Eyelash Extension

The Natural look for the client who wants a sexy noticeable look without mascara. 60-70 individual lashes per eye are applied to each eye, developing a defined sharp more youthful appearance, uplifting the eyes.
(60 pieces)    $200/$120 limited time offer!
2 week refill   $65
3 week refill   $85
Volumizing look
Our volumizing pumps up your look, ideal for the client that wants a step up from natural without going all out. 80-90 individual lashes per eye are applied throughout the lash line creating a look resembling 3 coats of mascara.
(80 pieces)   $220/$150 limited time offer!
2 week refill   $75
3 week refill  $100
Dramatic Look
Maximizes volume using a lash-to-lash application. Every single natural lash is enhanced to create a true organic appearance. Want to add volume to your lashes that draw a crowd? Our Dramatic set reflect a dramatic Mascaraed look, with out the use of Mascaras. For this set we apply anywhere between 100-120 lashes. Always determined by the availability of your natural lashes.
(100 pieces) $250/$200 limited time offer!
2 week refill  $85
3 week refill  $125
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